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There’s nowhere like

Big Sky quality.

Great Falls is in the heart of Montana’s Golden Triangle, with abundant amber fields known worldwide for producing exceptional high protein wheat.

Even Italy imports Montana wheat for pasta production.
Nearby, the grand Missouri River flows in deep shades of blue and green, just miles from the snow-capped peaks that are its source.
Since this is our home, we have direct access to the best custom-selected and freshly milled semolina.
This is a location relatively untouched by industrial development, where a team of pasta crafters takes pride in a job well done.

World class quality. Local sourcing.

Our prized location benefits our customers with efficient and flexible distribution:
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    Domestic pricing

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    Shortest distance from field to plate

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    Fully traceable

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    Local 100% Montana appeal

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    Flexibility to meet your exact needs

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    Growers rooted in caring for the land we are on (the earth is our employer)

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    Close proximity to a sophisticated milling facility enables Pasta Montana to operate on a just-in-time basis, reducing inventory carrying costs and ensuring fresh semolina that retains its color and delicious nutty flavor (because it has not had an opportunity to oxidize and dry out)

State-of-the-art advantage.

We are grounded in tradition and keep pace with innovation. Our relentless pursuit of perfection shows in our commitment to food quality and safety.

We have achieved the highest possible grade of BRC certification for three consecutive years (ever since we became certified), and consider ourselves the best in the industry for food safety and quality.


Using advanced optical sorting, Pasta Montana can virtually guarantee product free from any defect or foreign material. We are the first dry pasta factory in the world with this level of technology.


Our methods preserve the natural protein structure of the original durum wheat and result in firm texture and ideal taste.


Our mixing systems are all completely computer-controlled with gravimetric ingredient feed systems insuring a perfectly consistent mix.


Pasta Montana’s unique, fully programmable drying systems allow us to run various drying curves in the medium, high and very high temperature range to further customize the pasta and suit customer needs.

The industry’s leading pasta professionals.

plated pasta

Any product we make is done right. We advance the latest technologies for the love of delivering the highest quality pasta, as it should be.

Our experts have years of experience working alongside foodservice customers to troubleshoot and ideate more profitable pasta solutions. We’re here to roll up our sleeves alongside you.


The one and only.
100% Montana grown.

Browse our full selection of high-caliber products. If you don’t see what you need, just ask.

Bring Montana to the Table

We could tell you how our pasta comes head to head with the top Italian imports. But all you need to do is taste it.