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Pasta is one of the easiest dishes to prepare to impress a crowd. The secret is to use only the freshest ingredients. Before attempting any of our recipes in your kitchen, stock up with the following items:
  • Any high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil you find in a gourmet food store.
  • Pomi Tomatoes (chopped not strained) or another "high end" tomato (look in the healthfood sections of the supermarket).
  • A couple of cans of anchovies. Trust us on this one, they add tons of flavor and no one knows they're in there.
  • High quality olives (pits in - Greek or Italian). Get them fresh in the deli if you can.
  • Bags of mixed frozen veggies.
  • Fresh garlic (several heads).
  • Chicken/Beef/ Vegetable Broth – always have several cans on hand.
  • With these basic items (sometimes adding just fish, meat or chicken), you can make a number of quick meals.  We have included several tasty recipes here, and for more healthy and great tasting recipes visit www.pastafits.org.

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