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Which Sauce to Use

  • Vegetable Sauces: If you have a chunky vegetable sauce, look for pasta cuts with lots of nooks and crannies or deep crevices to catch and hold the vegetables.
    Suggestions: rigatoni, orecchiette, rotelle, shells
  • Cheese Sauces: Cheese sauces adhere best to small pastas cuts with lots of surface area.
    Suggestions: fusilli, farfalle, macaroni, mostaccioli, shells
  • Oil-Based Sauces: Pesto and other oil-based sauces are just right for keeping long, thin cuts from clumping together. They also coat noodles more evenly than they would smaller pasta with lots of crevices.
    Suggestions: fusilli bucati, spaghetti, fettuccini

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