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How to Drain Pasta

  • Remove and set aside 1 cup of the cooking water
    (for use in sauces or to pour over the pasta if it gets too dry).
  • When the pasta is done, drain it immediately.
    The pasta will continue cooking every second it remains in the hot water.
  • Use a colander with feet, so that the base stands well above the cooking water as it empties into the sink.
  • Do not over-drain.  Pasta should remain slippery (so that it can be properly coated with the sauce).
    - Long pasta strands or ribbons should be left still lightly dripping in water.
    - Short pasta tubes or shapes should be drained more thoroughly as their hollows and holes will hold more water.
    - Egg noodles need the least amount of draining as they tend to absorb moisture more than dry pastas.
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